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Hey there, I'm Brad and I am the owner and lead developer of 128 Bits.

We offer development and consultancy for web based projects based in London and surrounding areas including
Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Our goal is to provide you with fantastic looking web and mobile applications to suit your business needs

"Brad at 128 Bits is a very professional and knowledgeable person. He took some sketches and notes from a piece of A4 and produced a top notch website in no time at all."

Matthew Crabb @ Red Top Projects

Projects & Clients


    October 2017 - April 2018

    LSHTM are a post graduate school based near Bloomsbury, London. We had a 6 month contract to build a scholarship management system and a blood samples database. Both applications use Lumen (Laravel) and AngularJS 5.0.

  • Jeffery & Wilkes

    October 2017 - Ongoing Support

    Jeffery & Wilkes already had an existing iOS and Android app but required some extensive work needed to get the app to a completed stage. We spent most of our time on legacy code to fix the existing features and adding a couple more to get finished.

  • Image Source

    August 2017 - Ongoing Support

    Image Source are an image licensing company and have a huge database or professional artworks. Image Source needed some amends to their website and MySQL database. Their website is using a heavily custom version of Joomla and directly links to a FileMaker database as well as the MySQL database.

  • Red Top Projects

    November 2016 - Ongoing Support

    Matthew Crabb at Red Top Projects needed a website for his new electrics business. We gladly obliged and built a static website in Laravel in no time at all. It is currently hosted on Heroku dynos and also linked up to Google's G Suite for email support.

  • MotoStats

    September 2014 - Present

    MotoStats has been running on and off for 3 years now. It is currently a motorcycle specifications mobile application and can be downloaded from the Apple Store of Google Play Store. Because of ongoing contracts obligations we have not been able to fully finish the app but we still plan on continuing with it part-time until it is a fully complete product.

  • CryptaBay

    July 2017 - Present

    Digital currency has really taken off this year. CryptaBay (or cBay for short) is a peer to peer auction site where users can sell & buy items using any crypto currency. No pounds or dollars allowed. The main mission of CryptaBay is to make it as easy and secure as possible for anybody to start using crypto currencies.

"Brad helped to redesign my website from the previous platform. He does a very good job of keeping me up to date."

Michelle Pyle @ Groom & Go

"Brad put in a huge amount of time, effort, creativity & professionalism in bringing our website to life. Great job."

Carol Longhurst @ Animal Allsorts

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